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our philosophy_

Because each parcel is unique, we constantly highlight the best assets of our vineyard, in order to produce typical wines with a unique character, which characterize that of Champagne Sylvie Moreau. 


at the cellar

Our aim is to limit our interventions and let the wines express themselves by vinifying in barrels, especially for our special vintages. Limiting racking, keeping sulphiting to a minimum, patience is the key word. 


Our wines will continue to evolve in the years to come, we are looking for complexity of aromas, finesse and fruitiness. The ageing and the subtlety of our proportions are the final result, and allow us to offer you gastronomic Champagne.

at the vine

For more than ten years, we have been working to reduce the use of chemical products. We work the soil relentlessly on all our plots (ploughing). 

No chemical products are used on the farm, we only use natural products (copper and sulphur), essential oils or plant teas. We are thinking about agroforestry, applying a vegetation cover to guarantee our vines a fertile soil, composed of manure and organic matter. In order to produce and harvest quality grapes, harvested at an advanced stage of maturity, which allow us to produce Champagne wines while keeping the typicality of the terroir that we claim.

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